A young woman is committed to an institution against her will.        

  • Starring: Claire Foy, Joshua Leonard
  • Director(s): Steven Soderbergh
  • Producer(s): Joseph Malloch
  • Screenwriter(s): Jonathan Bernstein, James Greer
  • Distributor: Bleecker Street Media
  • Animal Coordinator: Dawn Animal Agency
  • Release Date: Friday, March 23, 2018

Featured Animal Action

In the scene where the dog discovers the dead body in the forest, the trainer brought the dog to the set and had him practice on the path for rehearsal. 90A, Chris baited a mark near the fake hand in the fresh ground. When the dog arrived at his mark, the trainer told the dog to "check it" while pointing, which established the dog's 'go to' mark. On action, they began jogging toward camera which focused on the protruding fake hand in the foreground and the trainer’s stop mark. The dog stopped at the hand two times.