The Darkest Minds

A group of teens with special powers fight the powers that be which imprison anyone under 18.
  • Starring: Amandla Stenberg, Bradley Whitford
  • Director(s): Jennifer Yuh Nelson
  • Producer(s): Den Levine, Shawn Levy
  • Screenwriter(s): Chad Hodge
  • Distributor: Twentieth Century Fox
  • Animal Coordinator: Animal Actors Atlanta
  • Release Date: Friday, August 03, 2018

Featured Animal Action

In the scene where a group of actors are led into a building, we see some policemen with barking dogs on leashes, the dogs were experienced movie dogs prepped for the action required. Filming occurred on a closed set with little chance of escape. The children were kept a safe distance from the dogs as determined by the dog trainers. The footing was safe for dogs. A safety meeting was held prior to filming in which the children were instructed not to pet or reach out for the dogs.

In the scene where the actress walks through camp and we see a dog in the background, filming occurred in a makeshift camp in a field. The trainers brought the three dogs to set on leash. Once on set, the trainers introduced the dogs to the child actors who would play with them in the background. The dogs were all professionally trained and were under good voice control. The trainers stood behind the cameras where they could see the dogs approximately thirty feet away. The trainers also gave the children dog treats to give the dogs