Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

  • Starring: Molly Ephraim, Crystal Santos
  • Director(s): Christopher Landon
  • Producer(s): Oren Peli
  • Screenwriter(s): Christopher Landon
  • Distributor: Paramount Pictures
  • Animal Coordinator: Birds and Animals Unlimited
  • Release Date: Friday, January 03, 2014
  • Rating: Acceptable

Featured Animal Action

Throughout the film, the main character has a dog seen performing such mild action as sitting, being held, and walking. For all of these scenes, trainers used hand signals and verbal commands to cue the mild action, which the trained dog was accustomed to performing. The growling was also a trained behavior.

In the scene where the actor holds dog under his armpits and has him dancing on the table, the trainers showed the actor how to hold the dog safely before filming. The action was achieved in one take.