Ingrid Goes West

A socially awkward stalker moves to LA to be close to a girl she’s obsessed with on Instagram.

  • Starring: Aubrey Plaza, Elizabeth Olsen
  • Director(s): Matt Spicer
  • Producer(s): Jared Goldman, Adam Mirels, Robert Mirels, Aubrey Plaza
  • Screenwriter(s): David Branson Smith, Matt Spicer
  • Distributor: Neon
  • Animal Coordinator: Karma Dog Training, Private Party Owners
  • Release Date: Friday, August 11, 2017
  • Rating: Outstanding

Featured Animal Action

Throughout the film, the main character has a pet dog, seen performing such mild action as sitting/standing/lying, being held or petted, and walking/running on or off leash. For all of these scenes, trainers used hand signals and verbal commands to cue the mild action, which the trained dog was accustomed to performing. The barking/growling was also a trained behavior.

In the scene where the actress picks up the dog and kisses him, trainers placed the dog in the actress’ arms prior to shooting to get them acquainted. They always rewarded dog with treats after each take.

In the scene where the dog eats from a Cheetos bag, production placed dog treats in the bag. The dog never ate human food.