Black Panther

After the death of his father, T’Challa returns to his African nation to succeed the throne and to fulfill his destiny of becoming Black Panther.

  • Starring: Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan
  • Director(s): Ryan Coogler
  • Producer(s): Kevin Feige
  • Screenwriter(s): Ryan Coogler, Joe Robert Cole
  • Distributor: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
  • Animal Coordinator: Animal Acting Atlanta
  • Release Date: Friday, February 16, 2018

Featured Animal Action

In the scene where the men walk into the forest and they see a dog barking up a tree, filming occurred in a studio that was transformed into a jungle. The dog was walked to set on leash. Once on set, the trainer applied special effects dirt and petroleum jelly to the dog's coat to make him look dirty. Once on set the trainer climbed into the tree and held dog treats and the dog’s Frisbee. The other trainer stood next to the dog and removed his collar and leash. The scene began with a group of two or three military men walking down a jungle path holding rifles. The rifles were not loaded. One trainer stood behind the tree approximately three feet from the dog and the dog stood directly in front of the tree looking up at the other trainer. The trainer cued the dog to bark by showing him the Frisbee. In some takes the dog jumped up on the truck of the tree with his front paws while he barked. Between takes the trainer held the dog as the crew moved plants and set dressing. There were three takes and everything went smoothly. Owner Jen put the dog's collar and leash back on and led him back to her car.

In the scene where we see a spaceship fly over a green field and we see three people on horseback, filming occurred on a gentle hill at a horse show facility. Before filming the scene one of the trainers and her horse assistants rode the horses to the set. Once on set, the trainer dismounted and walked the path the horse would travel and found it safe. The three horses were held in hand just off set to give them a chance to acclimate. On action, the three actors rode horses across the field.

In the scene where the two actors walk through the farm area and we see an extra walk past with a donkey on a rein, and other animals in the background, including chickens, a goat and a cow, the animals were all trained and prepped for the action required. There were multiple animal handlers present at all times during filming. A safety meeting was held prior to filming in which cast and crew were told to not handle the animals unless working with them. The goat pen was reinforced to prevent escape. The chicken coop provided shade and was free of hazards.  

In a couple of the scenes where we see actors ride rhinos, they were actually riding horses, and the horses were turned into rhinos in post-production through CGI.

In the scene in the African village and we see a dog in the background, the trainer placed the dog on a sit stay and placed dog food all around her. On action, the trainer released the dog to go find the food. On cut, the trainer picked him back up.