American Made

The true story of a pilot who worked for both the CIA and the drug cartels in the Eighties.        

  • Starring: Tom Cruise, Sarah Wright
  • Director(s): Doug Liman
  • Producer(s): Doug Davison, Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Brian Oliver
  • Screenwriter(s): Gary Spinelli
  • Distributor: Universal Pictures
  • Animal Coordinator: Steve Berren’s Animals of Distinction
  • Release Date: Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Featured Animal Action

In the scene where we see a dog on a leash, smelling drugs outside an airport, production used a real drug-sniffing dog for this scene.

In the scene when the actor stands with another actor with a snake wrapped his shoulders, the snake was brought to the set in a container with a mesh top by the trainer. While on set, the trainer took the snake out of his cage and placed him around the actor’s neck. The trainer hid in a small room directly near the table where scene was filmed so that she could jump in quickly if there was a problem.  The "snake man" stood around a table with the other actors. He was able to keep the snake secure during this action.  After filming, the snake was placed back in his carrier and taken home.

In the scene where the man leads a steer in the middle of the town, while soldiers are running about in the background, the animal wrangler brought the ox to set. The ox was habituated to being pulled by the ring on his nose. The wrangler led the ox by his nose ring to his mark. On action, the soldiers ran around him.

In the scene in the bullfighting ring where the bull chases a man, the wrangler stood in the ring with the bull. The bull was habituated to a bullfighting ring. On action, the wrangler opened the gates from the trailer to the shute, then to the ring. The actor stood in the ring, acting as if he were picking up fake money. As soon as the bull got too close the actor hid behind the wooden planks on set. After the scene, the bull was taken back to his trailer.

In the scene where the actor and his family sit in the living room with two dogs sitting on the ground, the trainers brought the dogs to set on leather collars with nylon leashes.  Filming occurred on the first floor of a large house.  All doors were closed so that dogs could not escape.  Home was air-conditioned.  Both dogs were cued to lie down on floor with children.  During the scene the dogs were allowed to move around at liberty. 

Due to limited resources American Humane Association did not monitor any of the dog and iguana action.