A Bad Moms Christmas

This holiday sequel to Bad Moms sees our three favorite moms come face to face with their greatest challenge… their own moms!

  • Starring: Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell
  • Director(s): Jon Lucas, Scott Moore
  • Producer(s): Suzanne Todd
  • Screenwriter(s): Jon Lucas, Scott Moore
  • Distributor: STX Entertainment
  • Animal Coordinator: Animal Casting Atlanta
  • Release Date: Friday, November 03, 2017
  • Rating: Outstanding

Featured Animal Action

In the opening scene where we see the actress sitting at the bottom of the staircase and we see a camel walk past her, the trainer walked the camel into the house by a lead rope. Another trainer carried a feed bucket into the house and walked her throughout the house until she was acclimated. Prior to shooting the scene, the trainer attached a line to her halter. The other trainer stood at an opposite point holding her line. On action, one trainer released the camel’s lead rope and the other trainer gathered up the line as the camel walked approximately twenty feet past the actress sitting on the stairs. The other trainer fed the camel at the end point.

In the scene where a box explodes in the front yard of a house and a bunch of pigeons fly out, the props and special effects departments used a mechanical Christmas box to release the pigeons.  The box was constructed in conjunction with advice from the animal trainer and pigeon owners. When the lid was opened from a distance by pushing a button, the box floor tilted slightly to encourage pigeons to fly out. No actors were present during the filming of the pigeon release. The pigeon owner stood behind the camera approximately twenty-five feet from the box. The special effects coordinator pushed a button and the box lid flew open.  Everything went smoothly. The pigeon owners headed home to check on the birds.  There were no predators in the area and all the pigeons made it safely back home.

In the scene where the moms pull up to a Christmas party and we see someone leading the camel across the street, the camel’s trainer was actually in the scene dressed as a Nativity wise man. They filmed this scene in a residential neighborhood at night. The street was closed off to cars and traffic.  Before being called to set, the camel trainers took both camels out of the trailer and groomed them.  When called to set, the backup camel was placed back in the trailer and the featured camel was walked to the set on lead by the trainer who was in costume. Prior to filming the trainer walked the camel past the house and on the street to get him acclimated. The camel did not appear worried by the fake snow or moving decorations.  On action, the trainer led the camel past the car in a basic A to B trajectory.